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Adherence to SEO techniques and the production of valuable content is no guarantee that Google will rank first. In this 4-hour workshop, we will learn all the internal link building techniques, backlinks, ad reporting, and social media activity.


Teaching white hat linking techniques

With the right strategy, be always ahead of your competitors in internal and external link building.

We know very well that one of the most important factors for Google to determine the position of a site in search results is the number and quality of links received from other Internet sites. The White Hat Link Workshop is designed to; Provide an accurate and practical strategy for all your internal and external link building activities.


1- How does Google recognize the quality and effectiveness of the link?

In developing a link building strategy, we do not focus on just one specific link. Instead, we do our analysis on all the links referred to the site and try to keep its quality and health as high as possible. Along the way, we need to get acquainted with the main concepts in link building.

In this workshop, we will first get acquainted with important concepts such as Anchor Text, No-Follow link, domain validity, Spam Score, Landing page, link location and Link Juice extract, and then use these concepts to create a suitable strategy. We use.

To better understand these concepts, we simulate the value and effectiveness of link building methods with graphical elements and display the amount of credit transferred between pages with water flow. The image below is an example of this simulation that we will use in all sections of the tutorial.


Topics of this course

Professional white hat link building
Complete Special site list (ETO Dedicated list)
Introducing important SEO tools
Steal Competitors Backlinks




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