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Learning SEO is a time-consuming and challenging process, but when you look at its impact on the growth and prosperity of your business, you will realize that it worths all that energy and expense. First, we explain why we should pay attention to SEO training, and then we provide you with free and essential educational resources.

What is SEO? Take the first step accurately

There are many definitions of the concept of SEO, but Perhaps the first and the most straightforward statement is that SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization.”

The primary goal of SEO is not just to follow the rules of search engines but to satisfy the user’s expectations. Google pays significant attention to the user’s satisfaction with their search results and tries to rank the sites that are more satisfactory to the users. As a result, in practice, SEO stands for Search Experience Optimization.

To succeed in SEO, you must first consider user satisfaction. User satisfaction depends on several factors such as; Your literature, the quality of your content and the provided information, the way your content is presented, the speed of your website, the correct display on the mobile phone, answering user’s questions, and many other things that affect user satisfaction.

Why does SEO affect the success of a business?

In recent years, web search has widely spread among the people, and of course, the boom in the use of mobile phones has made access to information a lot faster and easier than before. Billions of searches are done daily on Google, many of which are aimed at purchasing goods or accessing services.

If you have a good position in Google search results, these users will enter your website and receive additional information from your product or service. This simple process allows you to connect more with people and increase your chances of turning them into your customers.

seo learning
Why does SEO affect the success of a business?

For example, if someone is looking to buy a Samsung Note 9, their first move is probably to search for the same phrase on Google. After doing that, a list of results is displayed to the user. Websites that rank higher in the search results will usually have a better chance of getting that person into your website.

After the user enters the website, the process of converting him to a customer begins. Now imagine that the user has entered your website with a mobile phone, but your pages do not have a proper display on the mobile phone. He/She will probably leave your website and choose another option in Google. A user’s reaction towards your website is one of the most important factors for Google to determine whether they are satisfied with your website or not.

All in all, the better your position in the search results, the more users you will attract to your site, and the better the platform for them, the higher the conversion rate will be.

In Google’s latest BERT algorithm, Google is able to understand the purpose of a user’s search and show them the best result; This means that if you can understand the language of the users and communicate with your client precisely in this language, you will have a better chance of winning the top position.

Why is SEO training useful for all businesses?

To succeed in SEO, we need to know the techniques and standards related to this field. There are currently many companies working in the field of SEO training that will help you improve your website’s ranking in the search results. But is SEO outsourcing, right? Both yes and no!

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1- SEO is not cheap

Due to the high competition on the Internet, it is usually challenging to gain an invaluable place in the keyword phrases. As a result, SEO services are becoming more common every day.

In many projects, it is not possible to estimate the success rate of the website, so you pay the cost but with high risk because the actions of this person or company may not bring you the intended results.

2- Choosing a SEO expert is not easy

Many people and companies are working in this field, and it’s difficult to check the performance of all of them. You may use terms and phrases that are unfamiliar to you in the first few sessions

If you don’t have the proper knowledge in this field, you won’t be able to choose the right person, and as a result, you will spend a lot of time and money that may never lead to success.

3- Success in SEO is time consuming

It’s difficult for people who aren’t fluent in this field to understand SEO. Many people think that there are techniques that can be used to achieve significant results in a short period, which they are absolutely wrong. You need a lot of patience and effort to succeed in SEO.

If you don’t have enough knowledge and experience in this field, you can hardly estimate the performance of a SEO expert in a short period of time. To monitor the progress of the project, it is best to increase your knowledge of SEO.


Examining these three cases shows that even if we leave the SEO of the website to someone else, we must have enough knowledge in this area. Because not knowing SEO will increase the risk of your investment and you will not be able to monitor the performance of the expert. Now that you are supposed to know everything about SEO, why not take over SEO yourself?

When should we start our own SEO site?

It’s a bit difficult to answer this question. Because success in SEO depends directly on the level of competition in the targeted words, if your project is not complicated and doesn’t have a lot of competition, you can do it well by learning SEO, but for large projects, you need to use the experts. The number of these people is small, so the cost of working with you is very high.

In some projects, you can’t rely on just one person because to succeed in SEO, you need to produce specific and continuous content. Doing all the SEO processes requires a consistent and robust team, so even if you get help from experts in this field, you should be with them in this mission.

seo learning
SEO learning tutorial

SEO professionals help you in the process of developing SEO principles in content production and making important decisions, but another team should do administrative processes such as content production and link building in your collection.
If we want to reach a general conclusion, we can say:

1- It is difficult for small and low-competitive projects to cooperate with professional specialists because they receive a high cost for providing services. Training in website optimization and doing it by yourself or one of the employees will be a good solution for such companies.

2- For large and complex projects, you need to produce content and perform many activities, so it is impossible to entrust it to one person or company. In this case, you need to form an internal team and train them well. In addition to the activities of these people, benefit from the professional advice of an expert.

What is the best reference for SEO training?

SEO is a broad and, of course, complex concept. You need to learn a lot of techniques and concepts for SEO. Educational websites and reputable authorities will help you increase your knowledge in this field and learn various techniques. But if you search Google for “SEO,” you’ll find a lot of different articles and resources that are in conflict with one another.

The variety of educational resources and the difference in words will confuse you, the result of this confusion can be spending a lot of time and money without getting results. Follow the steps below to be able to choose the right path in SEO training:

1- Beginner SEO Training (Familiarity with common SEO terms)

In any area of expertise you enter, you will encounter a host of new terms and expressions, and SEO is no exception. You need to know these terms so that you don’t get confused when reading an SEO article or textbook. Some of these terms are white hat SEO, black hat SEO and Google algorithms.

2- Advanced SEO training (reading SEO training books)

Studying online articles can teach you interesting techniques in the field of SEO, but in these articles, the path of learning is not clear to you. Most SEO training articles focus on a specific area or technique and will be suitable for people who are at exactly the same stage.

The best way to start learning SEO is to read specialized books in this area. Because in addition to providing educational content, the book also predicts the path of learning. The consistency of content and regular learning will help you avoid confusion or inconsistency.

Of course, accessing SEO training books and recognizing their credibility and efficiency is not an easy task. That’s why we anticipate a space at the ETO Academy where we can introduce useful books in the field of SEO training.
We will pay. These books are in different categories and you have a brief description of their content. By visiting the SEO Library, you can access these valuable resources and transfer your SEO knowledge from a beginner to a professional.

3- Watching a series of SEO training videos

Studying articles and e-books will give you a deep understanding of SEO concepts and terms, but they may also cause you to forget or hide parts of your content in your learning path.

For a quick overview of concepts and the use of audio and video for the purpose of fast data transfer, we suggest that you refer to the SEO training video section of the site to view free and exclusive videos in a categorized and sequential manner.

4- Participating in SEO training courses (beginner and professional SEO in practice)

Once you have the basic knowledge in the field of SEO, you will be faced with a lot of questions. You know exactly what it takes to succeed in SEO, but you probably don’t know how or when to do it. Participating in training courses will help you shorten the trial and error path and learn what you are going to experience in a year.

Learn SEO from the perspective of international seo experts

What is the first thing that comes to mind when learning SEO? SEO training video? Articles and books? One of the sources that many enthusiasts turn a blind eye to is the use of the valuable experience of SEO professionals and experts. In this section, we will point out the most practical tips and experiences of international experts for SEO. These experiences can make learning and implementing techniques in SEO projects simple and fast for you. So make the most of these experiences to pave the way for you to learn SEO.

Take all aspects of SEO seriously

If I were to tell you the most important modern SEO technique, I would like to point out a comprehensive and detailed look at all the details of SEO. To succeed in SEO, we must pay attention to all its dimensions, and no single technique or method is effective.

SEO techniques, valuable keyword identification, application content production, external link building, online public relations, etc. will all affect your position, and not paying enough attention to any of them can be a reason for failure.

Many SEO professionals around the world and most SEO courses focus solely on one of the factors and only emphasize what is dominant. While to move this car, all its components must work properly and together.


John Doherty

CEO at Credo

Make a serious investment in improving your site

Don’t skimp on improving the quality and performance of your site! If you find an ideal hosting company with quality services, pay for it, use the best experts to gain experience and improve the site’s coding structure, and don’t underestimate anything that helps improve your site.

Sites that attract the best rankings and the most visitors are usually fast, beautiful, efficient and full of valuable and exclusive content. Investing in infrastructure and site performance in the early stages may be unreasonable, but you will see its real value in important competitions and high rankings.


Julia McCoy

CEO at Express Writers

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

The world of SEO is vast and changing. You may be able to do everything you have learned correctly, but still not achieve the desired result. My suggestion to those who have just entered the SEO world is to learn the basic concepts and principles of SEO and get involved in a real project.

The best way to teach SEO is to implement it in a real project. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and do whatever you learn. There is a famous saying that “making a mistake is your best teacher.”

This strategy has been very effective for me and I have learned a lot of techniques while working.

Matthew Woodward

SEO Specialist,

SEO Learning FAQs

Is it possible to learn SEO for free?

SEO knowledge is very extensive and complex, and we need constant study and learning to start serious activities in this field. There are many free resources that can be a good choice for us at the starting point, but to become a professional, we will definitely need specialized courses or practical experience.

What is the best way to learn SEO?

Reading is a great way to teach SEO, but scattered articles and videos can be confusing, so for a beginner, reading is the best choice because it gives you a clear path to learning.

How much does this training help us?

This comprehensive and complete tutorial will introduce you to the basics of site optimization

What books are recommended for learning SEO?

Too many books have been written for SEO and optimization, and it is not possible to introduce exactly one book
Try to find the best books by searching

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